BHSC Global, LLC Announces Properties Group Formation

Posted on 05/05/17
By: admin

NEW YORK, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — BHSC Global, LLC announces the formation of BHSC Global Properties, a wholly owned subsidiary focused on developing partnerships between brands and properties in the Sport, Entertainment, Media and Marketing industries.

“The Properties business unit is a foundational part of our Global Company,” shared Rob Ponger, BHSC Global co-CEO. “The partnership space, including Strategy, Consulting, Sponsorship, Rights Management, Media and Venue Optimization presents a significant opportunity and is a logical extension of our Athlete Management capabilities.”

“This evolution is exactly what we had in mind when we announced the progressive expansion of BHSC. Our clients are committed to sports and entertainment through the line, whether they make their living on the field or in the front office,” adds Rick Thurman, co-CEO of BHSC Global. “The Properties business unit allows us to meet a wider array of needs for our diverse client base.” Read More

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